Wood product certifications

On its industrial premises and throughout its product range, Legrand favours the use of materials and processes which respect people and the environment.

In this context and out of a constant concern for transparency towards its clients, Legrand has made a commitment towards forestry certifications, so as to be able to guarantee customers that wood-based products they purchase come from sustainably developed and managed forests.

The FSC® and PEFC™ certifications are tools which allow for confidence to be established between Legrand and its clients.

Below is a table showing our products which are covered by these certifications:

Cat. No. Product description Certification Week of application
(from Year W Week)
0 690 51 FSC 100% 16W09
0 690 52 FSC 100% 16W12
0 690 53 FSC 100% 16W26
0 690 54 FSC 100% 16W45
0 690 55 FSC 100% 17W38
0 690 58 FSC 100% 18W03
0 692 01 PEFC 100% Certified 16W16
0 692 02 PEFC 100% Certified 16W16
0 692 03 PEFC 100% Certified 16W16
0 692 04 PEFC 100% Certified 17W10
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Legrand holds FSC® and PEFC™ certification


FSC Certification


FSC is an organisation established in Canada in 1993: it is an independent, international, non-governmental and not-for-profit association established at the initiative of environmental-protection associations.

FSC certification means that wood comes from sustainably managed forests. This certification stringently respects specifications including ten compulsory criteria such as replantation, biological diversity, ecological exploitation, workers' rights, etc.

For more information, please visit the FSC website

PEFC Certification


PEFC is a European forestry certification programme, established in 1999 at the initiative of owners and operators of private forestry areas.

PEFC certification means that wood comes from sustainably managed forests as required by the Helsinki Criteria which define the economically reliable management of forests, appropriate from an environmental perspective and beneficial from a social perspective. The PEFC label can only be used on products if the percentage of certified fibres is equal to or higher than 70%.

For more information, please visit the PEFC website